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The ‘no nonsense’ summary

• We work in your business alongside your team

• We know what the risks are and how to manage them

• We are highly practical. Hands-on. In your facility

• We are highly experienced in aged care. We understand aged care operations and preventative management

• We can provide operations support if you’re in a pickle for a short, medium or long-term turnaround backed up by our expertise

• Our results more than pay for themselves

Your first handshake with DnA Management Consulting is the first step in a new relationship with some of Australia’s most experienced aged care professionals. We are committed to bringing a new and progressive approach to aged care management, aged care services and risk management in aged care.

It starts with a process of discovery in which we ask you the right questions to get inside your culture and make sure DnA Management Consulting is your best fit. Only when we are all on the same page does your official partnership with us commence.

Once engaged by you, we get to know you and your team even deeper. We look at your values and your mission. We look at your model of care, always mindful of nurturing a person-centred model that builds your facility around resident needs.

We look at the key business processes – admissions, billing and funding, workforce management, and payments. We leave no stone unturned in your key business and back-office systems so you are running efficiently and your focus remains where it needs to be: on the care of residents.

At every step of this journey, we never preach from up-high but mix in with your team and culture, incorporating the input of those who know your facility intimately. We also act as your eyes and ears on the wider competitive landscape so you know how you are strategically placed to create a roadmap for your own success.

This is just a broad brushstroke portrait of DnA Management Consulting. Our Case Studies will help you see a clearer picture of what we do in varying and unique circumstances.

When working with us, we remain focused on:

  • Compliance with the Aged Care Act and other aged care accreditation
  • Ongoing best-practice clinical care
  • Understanding risk and putting mitigation strategies in place
  • Great care for great business outcomes
  • Making your people happy

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Business Evaluation

Is your medium or small residential aged care facility at a critical juncture? Are you searching for a clear, authentic and strategic way forward that will strongly position you now and into the future?

We can undertake an all-of-business ‘Health Check’ – the assessment of current business performance and recommendation of steps or implementation of actions to achieve optimal outcomes in financial performance, care programs, staffing, quality and operational levers.

Suitable for small to medium providers, both for-profit and not-for-profit.

Our Business Performance and Capability Evaluation services include:

  • A comprehensive business ‘Health Check’

  • Market positioning, and how to leverage admissions to improve business outcomes

  • Revenue assurance (ACFI, Medicare claiming, billing, debtors, aged debtors)

  • Top-line correlation of ACFI claim to resident presentation

  • Cost review (workforce and payments)

  • EBITDA operating profit , balance sheet review, and RAD book realisation

  • Property review (Capex, maintenance)

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Management Services

Do you want the full power of a corporate management team in your residential aged care facility

at a lower cost than doing it yourself?

DnA Management Consulting enables you to ‘outsource’ the whole management service, or parts thereof – from operations to finance – while retaining the control and functionality of a traditional internal resource. This can help you through sticky situations while you reposition the facility.
Suitable for investors and owners

Our Management Services include:

  • Pre-sale evaluation for acquisition/selling

  • Pre-sale preparation to maximise sale value

  • Due diligence

  • Service management (short-term or long-term) where we assume Approved Provider status

  • KPI reporting to track business performance

  • Occupancy, marketing, and refurbishment

  • Asset optimisation and property condition reporting

  • Staffing solutions, such as optimising master rosters, roles and responsibilities; updating and implementing roster changes, and reporting on workforce and other costs

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Small Provider Solutions

Are you a smaller Aged Care Provider looking to improve the efficiency of your management systems within financial limitations?

We operate as your ‘financial back office’, streamlining your office operating costs through the introduction of procedures that are both timely and effective. As in all our services, we work with your specific requirements rather than imposing a one-size-fits-all template onto your aged care facility.

Suitable for small providers requiring access to contemporary business systems to improve control and visibility of results at a lower cost

Our Small Provider Management Solutions include:

  • Financial statement and Tax compliance; bank and shareholder reporting

  • Billing and funding (revenue assurance)

  • Roster and payroll, and other cost reporting

  • KPI reporting and clarity in management and board reporting

  • Aged care prudential compliance

  • HR support and compliance reporting

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Restructuring Services

Is your residential aged care facility or service in a state of decline? Do you need help with your organisational restructure sooner rather than later?

DnA Management Consulting provides access to the most experienced aged care managers in Australia, with hands-on support and direction from our Executive Team, to enable continuity of your aged care operation. We work in your business to achieve your KPI results while employing value-driven leadership.

Suitable for non-performing facilities not aligned with the organisation, distressed assets or assets under receivership

Our Service Restructuring/Turnaround Services include:

  • Integrating into your facility with your team

  • Change management/cultural change alignment to your organisations values and KPIs

  • Stop-gap management while you recruit a new manager for the repositioned facility

  • Development and implementation of cultural programs

  • Coaching of managers in key business metrics (i.e. teaching them practical KPIs they need to know)

  • Development of capability

  • Management of an entire portfolio or a single site

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